Telecollaboration and virtual exchange across disciplines: in service of social inclusion and global citizenship


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We invite proposals pertaining to the main theme of the conference as well as describing research and practice in the following areas:

  • approaches to telecollaboration and virtual exchange across disciplines
  • learning outcomes of virtual exchange and telecollaboration
  • different dimensions of virtual exchange (teachers, teacher trainers, students, administration)
  • different modes (blended mobility) and models (e.g. Soliya, Cultura) of virtual exchange
  • task design and resources in virtual exchange
  • telecollaboration and its role in the development of digital literacies
  • technological interfaces and multimodality in telecollaborative exchanges
  • virtual exchange involving learners from non-western contexts and the global South
  • telecollaboration and its role in the development of global citizenship
  • conflict management in / through telecollaboration
  • virtual exchanges as complex learning environment: facing the challenge

We call for research papers, practice reports, round table discussions and panels, covering all the above-mentioned aspects of virtual exchange. Proposals concerning virtual exchange from all academic disciplines are encouraged: please circulate this announcement to relevant colleagues from all subject areas.

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